Customer Service

Web One has a romantic idea of old world service, like a barber shop which knows all of it's customers by name. We strongly believe in the powers of communication. How would you like a phone call from somebody you did business three months ago asking if you're still satisfied with the product? When you choose Web One, you get one of our team members dedicated to you as one of our customers.


We have goals at Web One. We want to open up more design studios across various locations in Canada. Employing talented young Canadian designers, programmers and sales persons. In a market which is so over saturated with options Web One will rise above our competition and create forms of standardization within the community, always keeping our client's best interests at heart.

Design Philosophies

Look is everything. Your customers base their opinions on how you project your self to them. This could be as simple as the detail in the flooring you choose to the way all of your advertising looks. Within that being consistent with marketing materials is vital as to not have any sort of conflicting messages. Web One employ's designers with the ability to communicate to our clients, to make sure that there is total understanding between both parties. Our designers have contemporary design training as well as traditional training.

Web Programming

When creating a website we ask our selves this question, does it work like we said it would? We keep asking our selves this question during the development phase of our client's websites. It could be something as simple as a picture placement on your website to the content management system on your website. The web is always changing and evolving with programming methods, our web programmers are constantly challenging them selves to be better and staying on top of these changes.